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Now that you have the Landscaped Property of your Dreams, add some Nighttime Magic!


Outdoor Lighting Showcases the Front Entry

Landscape Lighting providing Focal Point for Viewing

Landscape Lighting provides Focal Point for Nighttime Viewing

A thoughtfully designed and well landscaped yard presents the opportunity for evening enjoyment. Artfully placed lighting will not only extend the hours of outdoor living, it can add a sense of magic to the landscape.

Landscape Aesthetics, Inc. is experienced in outdoor lighting with many successful installations in New Jersey. Inconspicuously placed under-tread lighting on stone steps will provide a soft glow which is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Subtle lighting along a pathway will be an invitation to meander and enjoy the sounds and sights of evening. The beauty of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit will be enhanced with properly placed lighting, providing an opportunity to linger and bask in the warmth of the fire and the glow of the lighting.

Outdoor lighting elements can be utilized to showcase the front entry of your home. Well designed lighting will showcase your home, providing a warm welcome to your guests, as well as adding curb appeal to your property.

Many homeowners enjoy the added benefit of strategically placed outdoor lighting from inside of their homes. A beautifully lit yard with emphasis on exceptional trees or perhaps a waterfall will provide a focal point for viewing from within the home, thereby integrating both experiences.

A landscape designed by a professional landscape architect should include various forms of outdoor lighting to maximize the potential of the design. The lighting will be creative as well as functional: properly placed the lighting will enhance the landscape design as well as provide illumination for safe evening use. When considering a professional landscape design, be sure to address the benefits of lighting.


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