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New Jersey Deer Repellent Spray

Keep the deer away and increase the size and palette of exciting plants on your property by taking advantage of our Deer Repellent Spray Service.

If there are deer in the area the only way to keep your plantings looking healthy and lush as in the photo to the right is by having deer repellent spray applied on a regular basis

Avoid having your trees and plantings look like the ones pictured here. This photo shows how the deer have affected the growth of the plant up to a height within their reach.  All year long but especially during the snowy winter months when food is scarce, your landscape plants are food to hungry deer. Our minty smelling regular deer repellent spray service will mask the smell of your landscape plants as food for the deer. Our fine mist that is sprayed on your plantings is all natural, environmentally safe and harmless to humans and pets.

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This is a healthy, Holly plant.

This Holly plant has been eaten by deer.

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