Among the many perennial blooming flowers, Asiatic Lilies are a perennial garden favorite.  They are easy care and multiply in the garden reappearing year after year.  In addition to abundant blooms and lush summer color, their sweet fragrance provides a bonus to outdoor summer enjoyment.     Reminiscent of classic romantic English gardens, perennial

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Early Spring Care for your Hydrangeas

This winter has proven to be exceptionally mild and we assume that the current warm weather will continue. Generally, this does not adversely affect most of our hardy landscape plantings. However, if prolonged unseasonable warm temperatures continue into early spring, and a warm spell is followed by an extremely cold, frosty night some hydrangeas, which

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Extend your Living Space with an Outdoor Fire Pit or Fireplace

An outdoor fire pit or fireplace provides the perfect opportunity to extend your living space and fully enjoy your property. A well designed fireplace or fire pit offers an intimate area for family gatherings or casual entertainment. Landscape Aesthetics has a reputation for custom designed entertainment areas of distinction. A consultation with Landscape Aesthetics’ professional

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With Spring around the corner, now is the time to consider a Patio & Outdoor Kitchen designed and installed by Landscape Aesthetics Inc.

An outdoor kitchen provides the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy your property and extend your living space. A well designed outdoor kitchen will become a favorite gathering place for friends and family while allowing you, the host and/or hostess, to entertain in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Landscape Aesthetics takes pride in having designed many of

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Pruning to Maintain and Enhance the Professional Landscape Design

A professionally landscaped property is the result of a well designed landscape plan which accommodates the natural topography of the property and incorporates appropriate hardscape elements along with carefully chosen plantings. The plantings are thoughtfully placed within the design to enhance the natural terrain and provide a sense of balance and harmony. Once completed, a

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