Early Spring Care for your Hydrangeas

This winter has proven to be exceptionally mild and we assume that the current warm weather will continue. Generally, this does not adversely affect most of our hardy landscape plantings. However, if prolonged unseasonable warm temperatures continue into early spring, and a warm spell is followed by an extremely cold, frosty night some hydrangeas, which are hardy as well as disease resistant, can suffer potential bloom loss due to frost damaged stems occurring at the site of sprouting flower buds.

We noticed this occurrence in some gardens early last spring, 2016. Therefore, it may be wise to take some precautions designed to protect those plants which could be potentially harmed.

Should you prefer a professional service, Landscape Aesthetics offers this service and a variety of additional garden maintenance services which include spring clean-ups, expert pruning, and deer repellent applications. Our services are designed to keep your landscaping at its very best.

With an abundance of lush blooms and a variety of colors, hydrangeas are a favorite among gardeners. A few simple steps will ensure a summer season of spectacular bloom.

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