We keep an extensive inventory of pipes and drain inlet grates for the efficient installation of our drainage projects.

It is not uncommon for New Jersey property owners to experience drainage problems as a result of heavy water run off caused by severe storms, or uphill neighboring properties. Periodic drainage problems can result in lost land use. Flooding of driveway areas can cause severe washout, or dangerous ice conditions during the winter months. Improperly drained foundations will result in wet or flooded basements.

Landscape Aesthetics’ staff is familiar with the soil characteristics and topography of New Jersey properties. They are able to engineer and design water remediation to prevent periodic flooding or excessively wet areas of lawn. Remediation methods may include: French drains, seepage tanks, drainpipes, or swales.

Pictured is a drainlet, which is inconspicuously positioned to collect and drain excess water. Properly remediated, a wet area on your property can become a valuable land asset for enlarging your outdoor living area. A well placed swale or French drain will re-direct water from your foundation insuring a dry home.

The Landscape Aesthetics’ staff will be happy to assess your drainage needs as part of a landscape project, or simply to remediate an existing problem. Please feel free to contact our office by completing the form at left, or by calling: 908-766-7200.

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