Landscape Aesthetics, Inc. maintains a 25 acre Nursery and Tree Farm. Located rurally in the Hunterdon County area, our tree farm has been under cultivation for 20+ years providing us with healthy, mature ornamental and privacy or shade specimens for most applications.

Our trees are nurtured and pruned by our professional staff to insure the highest quality nursery stock available. Landscape Aesthetics Inc. digs, balls, delivers and installs our trees when purchased to insure the health and growth of the stock.

In addition to providing a functional purpose to the backyard landscape, Privacy and Shade trees naturalize and beautify the landscape. Planted for shade, a singular or grouping of trees will provide welcome respite from summer sun and add backyard color in autumn. Fast growing Evergreen Trees are an excellent choice for backyard privacy. Evergreen trees can provide a very effective property barrier while maintaining the natural look of the landscape.

At our nursery, Landscape Aesthetics grows a variety of Ornamental and Flowering Trees to enhance the landscape design. Carefully chosen and placed ornamental trees provide spectacular bloom throughout the growing season as well as autumn color.

The knowledgeable staff at Landscape Aesthetics will be pleased to acquaint the property owner with the best tree selection for their landscape project in New Jersey. Consideration will be given to the topography of the property as well as the owner’s outdoor lifestyle and preferences.

Landscape Aesthetics takes great pride in selecting and installing premium quality nursery stock from our nursery and we look forward to earning customer satisfaction.

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20 Old Quarry Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924