Pruning to Maintain and Enhance the Professional Landscape Design

A professionally landscaped property is the result of a well designed landscape plan which accommodates the natural topography of the property and incorporates appropriate hardscape elements along with carefully chosen plantings. The plantings are thoughtfully placed within the design to enhance the natural terrain and provide a sense of balance and harmony.

Once completed, a well landscaped property will require periodic pruning to maintain balance and to promote robust growth. Many homeowners trust this task to the lawn maintenance service they employ often with disappointing results. Non-professionals tend to prune to various repetitive shapes (round, rectangular, conical). However, the professional designer prunes and maintains the plantings with an artistic eye to balance and proportion resulting in a very “natural” landscape. The professionals at Landscape Aesthetics maintain the original property design and proportion by pruning each plant based on shape and form. Therefore, individual trees and shrubs are pruned based on their specific growth and requirements.

The staff at Landscape Aesthetics is knowledgeable in landscape design as well as in horticultural maintenance. A Landscape Aesthetics maintained property is the result of artistic talent and horticultural knowledge. The finished product is a dynamic landscape characterized by balance and harmony.

On a practical note, effective pruning promotes health and growth. Pruning by a professional will encourage abundant flowering of shrubs and ornamental trees. With proper pruning, your landscaped property will welcome spring and summer with new, vigorous growth and beautiful bloom.

Landscape Aesthetics’ knowledgeable staff is well trained in proper pruning techniques. The form and balance of your plantings will be maintained and enhanced year after year with the correct plant maintenance provided by the staff at Landscape Aesthetics. Take a moment to view our plantings and landscape photos or patio designs to appreciate the beauty of a professional landscape design.

Whether you wish to request a professional landscape design or discuss the maintenance of an overgrown property, we encourage you to call Landscape Aesthetics. Please contact us directly at 908-766-7200 or complete our online request form.

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