A custom designed backyard offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy a “staycation” at home every day.  It alleviates the stress of destination travel and provides a readily accessible balance of leisure time.  A well designed outdoor retreat is the ideal place to relax and take pleasure in the serenity and beauty of the dynamic flowing color of carefully placed fine plantings.

At Landscape Aesthetics our longest client relationship dates to 1990.  We continue to work closely with this client and many others by providing top quality friendly service.  We offer continuing property maintenance and advice, and have been enlisted on several occasions to design new installations for clients purchasing second homes.

A top priority with our design team is to plan for the future.  Many of our clients are raising young families and we encourage our clients to have the foresight to partner with us in creating a backyard which will be appealing throughout the growth years and into adulthood.

At Landscape Aesthetics, multifaceted projects are uniquely designed and installed to provide a lifetime of enjoyment for our clients, their families and guests.

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