Landscape Aesthetics, Inc. has been creating award winning outdoor living spaces in the Stirling area for over 25 years. Our creativity and expertise in developing unique, breathtaking Stirling landscape designs are unsurpassed in originality and craftsmanship. When it comes to Stirling landscaping, Landscape Aesthetics sets the standard.

We are a full service Stirling landscaping contractor providing landscape design services including project management of finely crafted stone walls, patios and walks, fabulous outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, picturesque plantings, stunning pools and waterfalls, poolscape renovations, masonry, landscape management services as well as a tree growing nursery.

Our Stirling clients have found an added richness of fine outdoor living with our designs. Instead of a vacation, how about having us create a stress-free “staycation” in your own Stirling backyard with an exciting new poolscape? By incorporating various outdoor elements such as space, structure, plantings, water, landform and ornament into our designs, our Stirling landscaping contractors create unique living spaces that create enjoyable memories to last a lifetime.

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Landscape Aesthetics is the Stirling landscaping contractor you can rely on to get the job done right, on time, within budget, and in a manner that provides exceptional quality results. Contact our Stirling landscapers today to learn more about our services and company, or to discuss your Stirling landscape design needs with one of our talented landscape designers.

Landscape Aesthetics – Stirling Landscape Design

The right landscape design can do wonders for your Stirling property. Just imagine coming home each day to enjoy the beautiful scenery around your home from your very own outdoor living space, complete with the perfect combination of plantings, trees, privacy, and garden structures. From serene pondscapes to relaxing pool designs complete with built in waterfalls and a natural stone look to pavilions perfect for social gatherings, Landscape Aesthetics is the Stirling landscape design expert you can trust to create the perfect outdoor setting for your property.

There are many factors to consider when crafting a beautiful and functional landscape design in Stirling. With the right combination of elements, you can easily increase the value of your property as well as make your outdoor living experience that much more enjoyable. Excellent Stirling landscape designs combine harmony, aesthetics, functionality, symmetry, and unity in the design process.

Stirling Lawn Drainage Systems

If your lawn doesn’t have an efficient drainage system controlling the flow of water around your home and gutters, costly damage could be caused during heavy rain. Call your Stirling landscaping experts to install a drainage system to keep your landscape, foundation, and even basement safe.

Tips for Successful Stirling Landscaping Projects: The Design Process

Proportion is one of the important elements for a good Stirling landscape design. This takes into consideration the relationship between elements within the landscape, from plantings to garden structures to the slope of the land. It also involves proper planning for future elements such as how plants will grow over time. The last thing you want from your Stirling landscaping investment is to end up with a “jungle” in a matter of years.

Another important aspect our Stirling landscaping contractors take very seriously is color. It is the life of the entire landscape design. The colors you select for your Stirling landscaping project decide the mood and feel of the outdoor space. Colors like yellow, red and orange stand out more give off warmth, while colors such as blue, green, and purple go well with the background and make the ambiance cooler. It is important to select the right combination of colors and textures for any Stirling landscape design to be successful and pleasing to the eye. Bright and bold colors in some areas can also help emphasize areas you may want to showcase. Our Stirling landscapers can easily help you build up an appealing landscape design that will fit your taste and your home.

Just as important as the flowering pops of color, however, are other plantings such as trees. Shrubs, hedges, bushes and grasses are another significant part of our designing. Adding botanicals can attract wildlife, give visual interest, provide privacy, and much more. Our Stirling landscaping experts can help you select the right balance of elements for your project that will really improve the beauty of your lawn.

Also, keep in mind that your Stirling landscape design should be adaptable to change. Creativity and an open mind are all that is required for an attractive and beautiful housing land design. A well thought out landscape will increase the worth of your property in Stirling.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Hire a Professional Stirling Landscaping Contractor

It is a good idea to hire a professional Stirling landscape designer or architect to plan your designs and come up with a budget that fits your needs for many reasons. Hiring a professional Stirling landscaping contractor such as Landscape Aesthetics assures you will get the type of results you want from your investment without the chance of damaging your lawn or wasting money.

Stirling landscape design is an art where we can design our ideal place of tranquility and peace in our own backyards. While different people have differing ideas about Stirling landscaping, every one of us wants to see a warm, welcoming home after a tiring day of school, work, or play. There is nothing like coming home to a calm landscape that will place your mind at rest and help you relax from the tension of the day. With the help of our Stirling landscapers, you can create the ideal landscape design that goes well with you and your home, and meets these needs for you. The time and money you put into it will be well worth the effort when you consider the value of your new outdoor living space in the Stirling area.

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